About WCC

WCC was set up as a non profit making organisation which relied mainly on ticket sales for its funding with some support from sponsors. It had no subscription paying members and was run by the organiser,John Treadway and a band of volunteers.  The organiser has been a member of the Ipswich Arts Association and is also a trustee of the Ralph Vaughan Williams Society and is its Concerts Resources Officer.

There were four aims for the series:

  • To provide a platform for young professional musicians of the highest calibre.   
  • To give young people from the town's schools an opportunity to hear and also participate in classical music making.
  • To promote St Mary's Church as an excellent centre for public concerts.
  • To include performances of English music.

In line wih the second of these objectives, WCC encouraged young people to experience and enjoy classical music  by providing free tickets (max 2 per family) for attendance at any concert, providing that they are accompanied by an adult.